Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Demon:A Memoir" by Tosca Lee

What I have to say...
Demon: A Memoir, by Tosca Lee, is one of those books that make you think. The title’s strong; it will draw you in or make you run away. If the title turns you away I urge you to read specifically about what led Lee to write this novel. The questions she asks are ones that you’ll wonder why you’ve never asked yourself. If it draws you in, let it continue to work its magic. This love story that God is so intricately writing, Lee retells in a way that you probably have never heard nor read; from the view-point of a demon. Maybe the least important aspect is how the demon feels, which is what propels the story--therefore making it the most important. Let me explain, through the demon’s story you will find your own. Lucian, the demon, is ravenously jealous over God’s love for humans who mess up repeatedly. This is why “it” wants to tell this story through an editor. The editor, who is cleverly named Clay, becomes wholly enthralled into this task. In the end he faces an ultimate decision, the same as us all. Clay symbolizes every one of us-- those who have heard of God’s love, of his sacrifice, and those who have not. Either way we all must make the same choice, or choose not to make it, that’s still a choice. I urge you to make the choice to read this book.
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