Friday, April 10, 2009

"The Shack" by William P. Young

What I have to say!
Words cannot express how wonderful a novel “The Shack,” by William P. Young, is. I will try to tell you about it because I am strongly convinced that every person that has eyes to read, or ears to hear, should hear this story.
Missy, a little girl, is kidnapped and presumed dead. This sends her introverted father, Mack even further into himself. One day he gets a note from “Papa” inviting him back to the shack where he discovered Missy was dead. You must understand this one thing; “Papa” is Mack’s wife’s endearing term for God, which only those closest to them know. She had a good relationship with her father, Mack did not.
A friend found out I was reading this book and asked me if I had met God yet. When you read this book you will understand why this question is so incredibly significant. God, through this book, will blow your mind when it comes to who He really is and how your relationship with Him can really be. I can guarantee you that your life will never be the same. So I dare you to read this book. Personal beliefs do not matter, just read it.

"Obsessed" by Ted Dekker
-Ted Dekker
Published January 2006

Its Los Angeles in the early seventies, and Stephen Friedman is living the groovy southern California life of a real estate wheeler-dealer. Hes making money hand-over-fist and has long ago given up hope of finding the family hed lost in warn-torn Poland. But when a strange, deceased womans papers reveal that she possessed a priceless religious relicand that she may have been his motherStephen becomes hungry for answers.

His hunger just might kill him. As Stephen frantically pursues his familys lost legacy, someone pursues himsomeone equally obsessed with the prize. Looks like the man most obsessed will gain everything. And the loser will lose it all.

In true Ted Dekker style, Obsessed will leave you positively breathless.

What I have to say!
I’m sitting here wondering why I hadn’t read “Obsessed” by Ted Dekker sooner. A generational story spanning over a time of thirty years is one of the best Dekker books I’ve read thus far.
This novel is about two equally obsessed men. One, a real-estate agent living in America with an odd “birthmark” and no clear past. His “birthmark” leads him to his mother after her death and the news that she possessed one of the Stars of David, a very expensive religious relic. He starts his search for the Star and for answers only to find himself in over his head obsessed with a picture of a woman. His obsession turns to finding her, the other star of David.. The other man grew up in a camp ran by his Nazi father. There he learned to hate and obsess over power. Thirsty for this power he obsessively searches for the Stars of David, figuratively and literally.
. Dekker takes you back and forth to each world-that of the parents, who new each other, and their own. The two eventually collide. If you don’t already have an obsession, you better get one. It’s the only way to truly have LIFE.

Also look for his new book..BoneMan's Daughters coming out next week Tuesday!

Christmas Jars-Jason F. Wright

What I have to say!
Christmas Jars by Jason F. Wright is a novel that speaks through the realm of fiction to that of reality. Wright develops a beautiful story interweaving the lives of three families throughout the span of twenty-five years. This “family connection”- a girl and a jar full; of change will surely inspire you to start your own “Christmas Jar.”
A newlywed couple, short on money, decides to start a “Christmas Jar,” saving loose change that at Christmas will be used to purchase gifts. Twenty five years later a mid-twenties woman working her way up in the news reporter world has a terrible year. Broken and lost she stumbles over a “Christmas Jar” on her front doorstep. Determined to find out who the secret giver is and longing for her own front page story she tracks down the family behind this tradition that has turned into so much more than even they imagined.
There are twists to this story that will drop your jaw and make you wonder how you can impact others lives. News stories of Starbucks’ customers paying for the next customer’s drink, the movie pay it forward, and Christmas Jar’s website full of stories proves that humanity does care.
At the Christmas Jars website you can read and post real life Christmas Jar miracles. You can also read reviews; author, event, and contact information. I highly reccoment reading "Cameron's story" the current real life story that is being featured. If that does not bring you to tears, I don't know what will.