Monday, October 12, 2015

Book review: "An Endless Christmas" by Cynthia Ruchti

Christmas books are not my thing.  So when I got Cynthia Ruchti's newest novella, An Endless Christmas: A Novella (Worthy Publishing), I was a bit confused as to why I had agreed to be part of this blog tour.  As the stories' Binder family let's go of Christmas traditions each year to just live and enjoy each moment, I'm glad I let go of mine of not reading Christmas stories.

Only grandchild of a large family, Micah Binder, invites his girlfriend to his family's week long Christmas festivities in northern Minnesota.  As if staying with your boyfriend's family for a holiday week, in a tiny technology free cottage in freezing cold Minnesota for the first time wasn't stressful enough, Katie gets proposed to immediately upon walking in the door.  She tells Micah NO, in front of his entire family.  The novella follows Micah and Katie's journey as she toughs out Christmas week and becomes acquainted with his family.  Seemingly perfect, the story just brushes over the little facts pointing out the Binders' flaws but never really telling you what they are.  The story runs similar to this, a little rough around the edges, lacking in some basic plot building, but magical when all is said and done.  It is cheesy in all the right ways.  As I was reading I was picturing a made for TV Christmas movie and wanting a family holiday of my own like that I was reading.  So much seems to go wrong throughout the week, but the way the family bands together and accepts one another's differences (and they are wide) is beautiful.  I found myself thinking about their story long after I closed the book.  If there were a follow up novel or novella I would definitely read it.  I guarantee you, you will find part of yourself somewhere in these pages, and I hope when all is said and yourself will celebrate an endless Christmas.

And shout out to the author who lives in a pretty cool state! ;)

An Endless Christmas: A Novella will be released TOMORROW October 13, 2015.  I strongly encourage you to grab yourself a copy of this quick read!

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?  I've always loved putting out the nativity set!

Note: This novella was provided to me for review as party of a First Look Blog Tour by Worthy Publishing in exchange for a fair and honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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