Saturday, September 6, 2014

Review: "Love Story" by Nichole Nordeman

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     To be completely honest I was drawn to Nichole Nordemon's book  Love Story (Worthy Publishing) because her words have touched me deeply beforeShe has a talent for words in a very specific way, changing the way you hear stories you've heard your whole life; breathing new life into them.  I know, I auditioned for a fine arts school with a dance to just one of those songs in which she did that.  That song meant a lot to me, and I couldn't wait to read (which is my other passion) a whole book full of such stories.  Let me tell you she did not disappoint, but in fact blew my expectations out of the water.  She is so bare and honest with her words; the way in which she connects these biblical character's to her every day life, that it kept me not only turning the pages, but wanting to go get cupcakes with her and sit down and talk about it.
     Her retelling of Joseph broke my heart, and Moses made me cry.  After all the darkest, loneliest, most awful debilitating times of life--Joseph is that moment, the space before the "e" in hope and the period.  He's the moment went hope turns to fruition.  These stories I've read and heard plenty of times throughout my life touched me more deeply than ever before.  Read this book to understand why swans can't be made out of stone.  If you aren't convinced read that chapter on the disciples, I kid you not you will never look at life the same, it is SO beautiful.  And now that you read that chapter, and I know you are hooked, I think it's really important to read about Paul.  We are all Paul, and most likely don't know it.  This book will shake you, in a good way.  Nordeman's curiosity is this book's cake, and her talent to write words poetic is the icing.  I promise you that you will not put it down. 
Love Story was released September 2, 2014.  I don't think we'll be sitting down for cupcakes anytime soon, but give it a read and leave me a comment on your favorite story, and what story changed a little for you!
I was provided a review copy by Worthy Publishing First Look for a fair and honest review.

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