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Book Review: "Eyes Wide Open" by Ted Dekker

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When I started Eyes Wide Open (Worthy Publishing) by Ted Dekker I was a bit nervous that it was going to end up being like Thr3e, and I won't tell you why because I don't want to ruin a good story for you.  Thr3e was the first Dekker book I read and the reason I started reading them all; part of the reason he is my favorite author.  If you've read it, the thing with the main character Kevin, I thought that was going to happen with Austin and Christy.  I had that problem when I started reading Dekker, I thought every book was going to be like that, and they aren't.  Not one book is the same, they are separate stories, although all the Dekkies out there are able to spot tie ins that make these books even more exciting (including this one).  Although I'm sure all the die-hard Dekker readers have already read this, THE END THOUGH!!!!! Eyes Wide Open is different but it's the same, because like other stories there is a parable.  Like other Dekker stories, you start to get confused between what's real and what's not, but that should be expected I suppose.  It is a YA so it is an extremely quick read and well worth it; even past YA age! OOOOOOOOOOH AND HE MENTIONS SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE which is my favorite show! and that kind of freaks me out but totally got me excited. My favorite author and my favorite show! Eeek! Also noted the Green Bay Packers (Ted are you stalking my Facebook page or something?)...kidding, I'm sure that part had something to do with Kevin Kaiser.
Anyways....main characters Chrissy and Austin are both somewhat loners and get tossed in to this journey when Chrissy is buried alive and Austin sets out to find her.  They are trapped in an existence that may or may not be real.  They will question who they are. What is true.  So will you, not just about them, but about you. Are we blinded to the truth, or are we truly seeing it?  Are our lamps on or off?  There is so much truth at the basis of this novel.  A different story but a drive at the message of Outlaw.  I'm sure there is a reason the Eyes Wide Open novels are all connected...different stories trying to hone in on a certain message.  Because they are different stories those messages come across differently, you'll probably learn something different about yourself with each one.  I know I did.  These stories change my life,  They make me see things in a way I didn't know how before.

Sorry this was so jumbled, I just get so excited and passionate about these stories!  I would obviously recommend that everyone DIVE DEEP and read this ;).

Side note: I just read the back where it says it returns to the kind of storytelling of Thr3e, so maybe I wasn't so crazy to be "anxious" about that!

Published: January 21, 2014

A copy of this book was provided for review by Worthy Publishing via Goodreads First Reads (although I had already bought and read my own copy and passed it along before I got this copy in the mail)
(Pictures above are of my First Reads copy).
(This is also the first DEKKER book of my own that I let someone else have my original copy.  I get attached to them an don't let them go).


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