Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"The Cross Gardener" by Jason F. Wright

What I have to Say...
Jason F. Wright’s newest novel, The Cross Gardener, is a quick read with a huge heart. Although some of the theology is questionable, Wright knows how to weave his stories into your heart for good. The reader is taken along main character, John Bevan’s story, from being born on the side of the road, to learning how to overcome a lifetime of loss. Most readers will not be able to imagine the kind of loss the John suffers in this story, and those than can I’m sure will connect to this book unlike anyone else could. You follow John’s story from meeting the girl of his dreams in elementary school, to their first date, to her death and that of their unborn child. John makes the accident site into a memorial, which he visits daily. He is so consumed by his loss that all else in his life comes in a far second, and he can’t figure out how to help his daughter with the loss, which has left her mute. I hope this book finds its way to the New York Times Bestselling list, because I’m sure that it would do extremely well there. It’s life in the purest form. It’s realistic, there’s death, love, and life. I urge you to read this book and discover how John comes to heal, and better yet find out who helped him heal.

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