Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"The Bride Collector" by Ted Dekker

What I Have to Say..
Ted Dekker has done it again, he has written another brilliant thriller. This newest novel is called The Bride Collector. It is about a serial killer who murders women leaving a bridal veil at each crime scene. The novel starts with the death of his fourth victim and you read through his pursuit of his seventh and final, who in his perspective is God’s favorite and perfect bride. Dekker dives into the subject of mental illness, asking the question are those who are dubbed mentally ill really normal and those who are dubbed normal really the ones who are mentally ill. Not for the light of heart, the killings are gruesome and it was hard for me to read at first. Dekker used a great name as an underwear brand though; maybe that’s what hooked me. ;) Dekker is one of those minds that dare to ask the questions no one else wants to think about. Maybe that’s what makes this book so brilliant. If we all just understood each other; if we understood that we are all God’s favorites because He loves us unendingly we wouldn’t pin false stigmas upon one another. I dare you to open your mind to Dekker’s questions.

*This book was provided for review by Center Street*

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