Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What’s He Really Thinking? : How to be a Relational Genius with the Man in Your Life by Paula Rinehart



What I have to say...
In What’s He Really Thinking? : How to be a Relational Genius with the Man in Your Life, Paula Rinehart uses stories and her professional expertise to give any female insight into how the male brain works. I’m sure most women out there have been utterly stumped by how a man in their life has acted. Well, Rinehart gives the reader those answers and the why behind them! This is a quick read never ceases to capture the reader’s attention. Humans tend to over think and make relationships complicated. Rinehart somehow makes everything that usually seems extremely complicated seem almost simplistic. I took away an understanding that as a single woman I can keep in my back pocket and pull out in the future for use in all current and future relationships of any type. I find the idea to react to someone based on how not only you feel the need to react, but on how they need you to react to simplistically genius! Rinehart’s insight and advice dealing with relationships is useful not just in romantic relationships but in every kind of relationship. If you want to take the guesswork out of relationships; you need to read this!
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